Gua Kelam (Kelam Cave) - Enjoy scenery like no other

The foot of Gua Kelam is a 370-meter formation of limestone hills which used to be the trading route between the locals and the Siamese. It has one of the most beautiful and unique caves in Malaysia with myriads of flora and fauna surrounding it.

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Snake and Reptile Farm - Are you afraid of snakes?

Perlis has a snake farm which houses an extensive collection of snakes of up to 23 types of species. The snake farm used to be a research facility to test and develop serum for the treatment of snake bites.

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Tasik Melati (Melati Lake) - Views from a picturesque lake

Perlis is the home of Tasik Melati which is located in a partially lowland area which has more than 150 sandbar islands all over the lake. These can be reached via sampans. There are also elevated walkways which enables visitors to sit back and enjoy the picturesque view of the lake as well as its surrounding.