Perlis State Park (Taman Negeri Perlis)

Location: Perlis

Location Info

Address: Wang Kelian, Perlis, Malaysia.
Office Number: +604 976 5966
Opening Hours: 08:00 hrs - 12:00 noon - Daily
Admission Fee: MYR2.00 (Adults)
MYR1.00 (Child)

District » Wang Kelian


Perlis State Park is located on the western border of Perlis, meeting the border of Thailand. It is sitting on the longest continuous limestone hills in Malaysia, 36 km long called the Nakawan Range. The park consists of two forest reserve area, Mata Ayer Forest Reserve and Wang Mu Forest Reserve, measuring a total area of 5,000ha.


The park is surrounded with beautiful, thick lush forest, sheer cliff faces and extensive cave system. The rich and extensive flora and fauna is now being protected and preserve for its biological diversity. Currently it's believed to house more than 600 species of flora, 70 species of mammals, 200 species of birds and 35 reptile species. The main objective of the park is to protect, conserve, research, educate and recreation. It is no surprise that the park is heavily trek by nature lover, be it the day or night trekking along the Prince of Denmark and Rainforest trails. Due to its wide variety of bird species around, there are also many bird lovers whom will camp in the park for a couple of days, dedicating their time for bird watching.

Apart from the forestry and flora and fauna, limestone caves are the unique treasure of Perlis. Recite within the park compound, Wang Burma Cave are amongst the most explore cave. The whole exploration of the labyrinthine routes of Wang Burma Cave will take about 3-4hours, with a lot to see, including the stalactites, bat, centipedes and scorpions. The exploration gets more exciting when you have to squeeze through the narrow muddy tunnels. You can send a night in one of the hotels in Perlis. Although the hotels around are not luxury, but they are clean and comfortable, not forgetting the quiet and serene surrounding.


Take the North-South Expressway to Alor Setar Utara exit, and follow through Kangar. Then continue Route 7 towards Padang Besar. You will pass Timah-Tasoh on your left and take a left turing to Gua Kelam. Head towards Kaki Bukit town. From here take Route R15 and head towards Kampung Wan Kelian. You will see the entrance of the Park Visitor Center on your right.