Chuping Sugarcane Plantation

Location: Perlis

Location Info

Address: Chuping, Kangar, Perlis, Malaysia.

District » Kangar


Chuping is a small town located not far from Kangar, the capital state of Perlis in Northern Peninsular Malaysia. Being adjacent to Thailand border, you will see many cross influence of Thai in the town. The main scenery of Chuping is endless plantations, taking about 22,000 hectares of rubber estate and Malaysia's largest sugarcane plantation.


Being a small town in Perlis, Chuping has its own uniqueness. It has a view of edgeless sugarcane plantations, covering more than 22,000 hectares of land, making it the largest sugarcane plantation in Malaysia. The Chuping Sugar Cane Plantation is located at the foot hill of Bukit Chuping and was formed as a joint venture of three organizations, namely the Felda Plantation Sdn Bhd, PPB Group Berhad and Syarikat Kilang Gula Felda Perlis in 1971. The sugarcane factory produces 5,500 metric tonnes of sugarcane per day during harvesting season and it's open to public for visits and to learn more about sugarcane processing and making.

Many schools around Perlis often organize school trips to educate young children on how to process sugarcane. The harvesting season starts from December to June. Apart from plantation, Chuping is also known for its limestone hill, just as Bukit Chuping is. Many of the lime caves housed bats and the guano used to be processed as fertilizer for plantation for crops such as rice. Among others, the snake and reptile park is among the widely visited attractions. It's the largest snake breeding and research center in Malaysia, housing more than 20 species of snake and other reptiles.


By Car

Take the North South Expressway and then get into Jitra Selatan exit at 181 Interchange. Follow the trunk road to Kodiang and Kanagar. Go about 48km and take the Kuala Perlis exit

By Plane

Malaysia Airlines provides frequent flights to Perlis state. Catch a taxi to Chuping Plantation.

By Bus

Pudu Station Kuala Lumpur provides daily bus to Perlis.

Public bus connecting Kangar and Kuala Perlis is available daily at RM 1.50.