About Perlis

Geography - Climate and Weather

Perlis is located at the northern-most of the Peninsular of Malaysia. It is also the smallest state in Malaysia. Perlis experiences tropical monsoon with temperatures ranging from 21'C to 32'C. From the months of January to April, Perlis is usually hot and dry. On the lowlands, the humidity levels are high and it ranges from 82-86% per annum. The wettest period of the year is from May to December where rainfall can be between 2000 to 2500mm a year.


Shopping Guide

The Kayangan Square Mall is one of the more popular places to shop in Perlis. Other than the Kayangan Square Mall, there is also the Padang Besar and the Bukit Kayu Hitam are the areas frequently visited by locals as well as tourists for good buys. There border towns are the targeted place for people who are looking for good bargains. It is at the Padang Besar where you can shop for clothes, household products and well as leather goods. Such products are produced in large numbers in Thailand and then sold here in this part of Perlis. For Bukit Kayu Hitam, it is most popular for being a place to do some duty-free shopping.

Dining / Restaurant

In Perlis, the popular restaurants are the Hai Thien Seafood and the Medan Ikan Bakar. These are the places to dine fresh seafood at an affordable price. The Medan Ikan Bakar offers Malay style cooking while Hai Thien Seafood restaurant offers Chinese style of cooking. There are various types of dishes at both these places such as fried squid with sweet chilli sauce, tom yum seafood soup, boiled cockles and many more.


here are many places of interest in Perlis. Among the more famous one would be Kelam Cave. Gua Kelam is located approximately 26 kilometers from the capital of Perlis. Gua Kelam starts at the limestone hills from Kaki Bukit on the Malaysian border and ends at the Wang Kelian close to the border of Thailand. The Gua Kelam used to be a route used by the locals and the Siamese back in the olden days.

The Snake and Reptile Farm was initially a research facility to test and develop serums for the treatment of dangerous snake bites. Do expect a huge collection of snakes here on display. Also, do not miss the chance to visit the Perlis State Park.

Another place to enjoy great views is the Tasik Melati. This lake is located at a lowland area just approximately 8 kilometers north of Kangar. This is a place to enjoy the breath-taking sights and take time to relax. The Gunung Medan is also a great outdoor destination. This is a 300-feet high limestone hill which can be reached by car or foot.


Perlis offers various hotels and accommodations such as the Putra Palace Hotel, Hotel Sri Kayangan Inn and even at homestays for those who want to experience the way of life in Perlis.


It would be best to move around in Perlis by car but if you do not have a car, you can still opt for taxi or car rental which can come up to quite an amount. Public transport network is not well spread in Perlis, thus it would be wise to have your own car to travel around.