Padang Besar

Location: Perlis

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Address: Padang Besar, 01000 Perlis, Malaysia.
Opening Hours: 09:00 hrs - 18:00 hrs

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Padang Besar located in northern part of Perlis, sharing border with Songkhla province, Thailand. It's situated 35km northeast of Kangar, the capital state. Due to its close proximity to Thailand, it is also known as Pekan Siam (Siamese town).


Padang Besar is a popular shopping heaven for both Malaysian and Thailand since 1960. Most visitors come by during the weekends to get their shopping supply, sometimes up thousands of visitors at one time. Though it's not the glamour high end market, Padang Besar sure has its own charm. It is a blend of 2 neighboring countries cultures with many local products to offer. The range of products includes textile, fashion, handicraft, food, jewelry and ironware. Most Malaysian would visit the Complex Aked Niaga and Gapura Square, whereas the Thai prefer to shop at Jalan Besar. The easy accessibility to Padang Besar makes it even better for the Thai visitors, they just commute by train and the railway station is just next to the shopping area.

Apart from shopping, there are other activities in Perlis that draws the crowd from abroad and within the country. Within 20 mins drive, there are Gua Kelam (limestone cave), Chuping (largest sugar cane land), Perlis State Park and Timah-Tasoh Lake. Hotels in Perlis are basic and clean, though not posh and luxurious.


There's no direct flight to Perlis. The nearest airport is in Alor Setar, which is an hour drive from Kangar. Driving from KL will take about 8 hours using the North south Expressway, exit at Jitra South. Then follow Kodiang and finally Kangar.